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Attractions and things to do in and around De Funiak Springs

Harbeson Field - (357 North 9th Street) This park is located on Hwy. 83 in front of the DeFuniak Springs Community Center. Harbeson Field contains a football/soccer field with concession stand. A playground with slide, swings, picnic tables, and cooking grill are also available. Restroom facilities are accessible.

Lake DeFuniak  - Also known as Chipley Park, Lake Defuniak is located downtown on Circle Drive, it has over 40 acres of land and over 40 acres of water. This park has a children's play area next to the Chautauqua Building with a slide, swings, merry-go-round, picnic table, sand box, and more. There is also a merry-go-round southeast of the Amphitheater. The sidewalk closest to the lake is 9/10 of a mile around. Lake DeFuniak is open to fishing and a boat ramp is provided. Only electric motors are allowed in this lake. Also, located inside this park are an open Amphitheater and the oldest operating library in the State of Florida that was built for that purpose. Two 100' lighted piers with attached gazebo's are currently the most recent additions to Chipley Park.

Double Tennis Courts North 10th Street - This double tennis court is located at the intersection of Government Street & N. 10th Street. This location is just North of the DeFuniak Springs Community Center.

Boy & Girl Scout Park - This park is located behind the hut at 33 Ellisor Street.  The Boy and Girl Scout Park contains a Geodesic Climber, monkey bars, swing, slide, Boy Scout Building, and new Girl Scout Building.

The Train Depot - (1140 Circle Drive) The Depot is located on the North side of Chipley Park by the railroad tracks. The Depot has been put under the Walton County Heritage Association and is known as the Walton County Heritage Museum for more information or their hours of operation please call 850-951-2127.

The Hotel Defuniak- (400 East Nelson Ave.) A designated historic structure built by the freemasons in 1920 as a masonic lodge, the building underwent an extensive renovation in 1998 to upgrade the system and decor to modern standards. It features 11 rooms including 4 suites. Call 850-951-2233

Tennis Courts South of Lake Yard - This double tennis court is located at the intersection of Clay Street & Plateau Avenue. Also located at this park are a merry-go-round, swings, picnic table, and cooking grill. A public field and volleyball court are also located across the street to the west.

Henry Park - (1162 Circle Drive) The Information Center is located here.  They are open on Saturdays.  For more information, please contact Dennis Ray at 850-892-2566.

Recreation Complex - (965 Gene Hurley Road) The Recreation Complex is commonly referred to as the "Sports Complex" or "Gene Hurley Park". The complex is located West of the DeFuniak Springs Municipal Airport at the end of Gene Hurley Road. Facilities available at the Recreation Complex are as follows:

  • Three large softball fields
  • Skating and roller blade area
  • Full length basketball court & tennis wall
  • Picnic areas with tables
  • Water spray area
  • Restrooms
  • Play area
  • Two large swing sets
  • Chin-up bars
  • Tetherball
  • Olympic size soccer field
  • Over 1 1/2 miles of nature trails for walking, running, riding bicycles, or horse back riding.

John F. Bludworth Sr. The Opinion Place - (801 E. Baldwin Avenue) The Opinion Place is an open pavilion used by the community as a place to sit and visit with one another. The pavilion is located on Baldwin Avenue just North of the Depot Station.

Lake Stanley Park (271 Shoemaker Drive) - The Lake Stanley Park is located in the Northwest portion of DeFuniak Springs on Shoemaker Drive. Lake Stanley Park contains an open swimming area, boat ramp, swing sets, slide, eight covered picnic tables, two un-covered picnic tables, restroom facilities, pier, and several open areas.

Pat Covell Park #1 (248 Sheldon) - This spacious park is located in what is known as West-end on the corner of 23rd St. and Sheldon Ave. Items at this park include: a swing set, slide, picnic table, climbing bars, dirt basketball court, and two volleyball areas. The Little League Baseball Parks are located next to Pat Covell #1 and are not owned by the City of DeFuniak Springs.

Pat Covell Park #2 (401 Vann) - This park is located in the Northeast part of DeFuniak Springs on East Vann Avenue by the Magnolia Cemetery. Items at this park include: a slide, swing set, merry-go-round, picnic table, and dirt basketball court.



For More Information regarding accommodations or Dining call: 850-951-2233

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